December 21, 2016

White Dog was a little nervous about tomorrow's party at Steve's office. "I don't know anybody," she said. "What if they don't like me or if I accidentally do something wrong?

She and I were alone. "You will know dad," I reminded her. "He says they are all very nice people. Nice enough to have a party that includes pups. That counts for a lot." She sort of shrugged. "It is not like you to have a crisis of confidence, Little White Dog of My Heart," I told her. "Your manners are impeccable. You are poised and elegant. Just be yourself."

"This is a new job for dad and I do not want to embarrass him. Or get him fired." I held her close. "That is not even a remote possibility. He is proud of you and has bragged about you to everyone there. All are looking forward to meeting you. But if you are too stressed..."

"No! I want to go but I just worry."

When Steve came home, we did not discuss White Dog's worries. I knew she would prefer that conversation be kept between she and I.

But when Steve launched into the story of Petunia, the furchild of one of the principals of the firm, I looked over at WD and smiled. "See! you got this!" I mouthed as he told us of Petunia being left for a few minutes while her mom accomplished a task. When Steve's boss returned it was discovered that Petunia had eaten two entire cheesecakes a sales rep had left on the desk for the office to enjoy."Is Petunia going to be there?" WD asked. "Her mom said she would if she had not made herself sick with this little binge," Steve replied.

WD was relieved but now the others want to go, too, for the all  they can eat cheesecake.

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We know WD will be wonderful