December 23, 2016

White Dog and YoYoMa are really the only members of the White Dog Army who remember the old tradition of our Christmas Eve Open House. It was begun when we were in college (long before either WD or Yo) as a lavish substitute for friends who could not afford to go home between semesters and became a tradition that continued through the young urbans stage and slowly tapered off after we moved to New Mexico where Christmas Eve is culturally a family night of tamales and posole.

This year friends from Chicago are coming to our Land of Enchantment and will arrive Christmas Eve. James and Steve and I went to school together and he was one of the original members of the college gatherings of 38 years ago. In his honor we resurrected the tradition.

Today was our last day of preparation for their arrival joined by so many wonderful NM friends who will turn up at our door beginning at 1pm. Today is a little frenetic to say the least...and a first time effort with SO many supervisors.

White Dog calls the day the "watch out you know momma is on a short fuse and her head will explode from juggling so many details so PLEASE do not rock the boat in any way...oh Sachi WHY did you do that?...everyone let's cooperate and...Trixie! LEAVE IT! oh, for dog's sake, are you deaf...don't get caught just sitting around idle...and be sure to give dad a LOT of encouragement this is a test for him as well...Stormer STOP growling at Benson and Benson stop growling at Stormer did you not hear a word I am saying?...She just wants everything to be perfect tomorrow day."

YoYoMa was more to the point, "Say yes and sound like you mean it and ignore everything that happens today. The reward is the most extraordinary foods and treats and good time tomorrow."

"If we live that long," Zsofia muttered as she dove through the dog door.

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Random Felines said...

The party sounds like fun....set up never is