December 24, 2016

White Dog watched as we set warmers for the green curry vegetables and Indian cauliflower. Water was boiling to steam tamales. The caramelized onion naan pizzas where already on the warming tray. Our on the sun porch, salad, cheeses, and mini sandwiches beckoned. The dessert table groaned with a tray of cookies including Barbara's biscochitos and chocolate chip walnut; baklava fingers; powdered sugar covered pecan shells, tiny cheesecake bites with raspberry sauce. There was a special space saved for Tami's dessert offering.

Tami is the best baker I ever met and she promised to bring something for the chocolate lover (me) as her Christmas gift...a wow! flourless chocolate cake that was sinful was her choice.

Guest flowed in and I heard YoYoMa tell the White Dogs, "this is BIG with lots of treat opportunity. Best behavior pays off!"

Trixie, Sachi and Stormer...still very socially inept were given their own treats and comfy spots to rest in the Studio so they would not get too stressed by the event and its temptations.

It was a perfect afternoon spent with some of the most marvelous people on the planet. Conversation, food, and sharing warmed the heart and erased the momma craziness of the day before (at least according to White Dog).

After our last guest headed out the WDA convened to savor the moment, enjoy a few nibbles before "real" dinner, and to think about the truth of the poem,

"It was the evening before Christmas and all through the house, sated Eskies of all colors had just settled down for a pre-dinner nap..."
Benson surprised us by being Mr. Social at the Party.
Stormer thoroughly sniffed the room to fill in the details about the guests.
Opal watched the goings-on intently...from the safety of the bedroom door until she could come out and rest with the rest of the Army
YoYoMa was the tireless host until the last goodbye.
Sachi, aka The ankle biter, laughed at Zsofia's story of teaching young Liam how to Sibe "sing" but feel asleep as she insisted on wanting to resign every sing refrain.
SOME pup, Trixie, could wait for dad to share treats and helped herself to the bowl of blue corn tortilla chips before nap time
Pearl, how CAN you find that comfortable?
Nilla borrowed White dog's bed 
I hope you are not counting on ME to help wit dishes! It has been TWO days of partying and social stuff. I need some rest!

Bella, was not forgotten, she is snoring softly deeply under her chair, nearly invisible unless you lie on the floor and peer under. 


Random Felines said...

Merry Christmas to all

Brian said...

Merry Christmas from all of us!!!

meowmeowmans said...

Merry Christmas, sweet friends. We are so grateful for you, and for your friendship. Much love to you all!