December 6, 2016

White Dog jumped up on my lap. "Fire up the research engines, momma," she said. "We got YoYoMa back and now it is time to find out what is at the root of Trixie's itchy rash."

Trix developed an awful chicken pox all over her body a few weeks ago and since has been on a vet protocol of sulphur lime rinses once a week followed by a medicated bath and a course of antibiotics.

We have followed the procedure to the letter but it seems to have offered our Big Beautiful Girl little relief either from the itchiness or the bumps. We are concerned that perhaps the initial thought that she had a bacterial infection might not be the case.

Her discomfort was so acute this afternoon that when Steve came home we suggested stepping outside the treatment plan to bathe her in the pyrethrin shampoo that Puff used when she had walking dandruff. So far (at least for the past four hours) she has stopped chewing and scratching at herself. "Paws crossed that this offers her a respite," White Dog said. "She must be SO sick of baths," Stormer sighed.

White Dog and I spent the afternoon reading about other possibilities that might cause these symptoms and we put together a list of questions for the vet on Saturday. Benson suggested we also make a list of observations across these past three weeks so she can get a broader picture of what Trixie's reactions have been to the treatment.

Tonight Trixie returned from her walk and bowed her head against me to receive an ear rub and neck massage. She looked grateful for the skin movement. "Don't worry, Sweet Girl," I told her. "White Dog and I are making your itchies our highest priority. Soon we will have answers that make you feel better."

I kissed the top of her head and she rested her body against me. My hand wrapped across her back I whispered in her ear, "Believe in the healing power of love."


Random Felines said...

Oh....being itchy is miserable! Hope you find a solution quick

Jessi Lashakmitis said...

I hope you will not going to be itchy for a long time. I'm definitely feel you and really hope you will find a cure for it very soon!

meowmeowmans said...

Poor Trixie. We sure hope you all can find a way to make those itchies stop soon. :(

Wyatt Airedale said...

Feel better soon, Trixie. Hope you find quick relief. We are getting closer to NM and can't wait to see your beautiful state and say hello!