December 5, 2016

White Dog led a conga line around the coffee table and past the sleeping YoYoMa. Finally, after the third time of circling, Opal reached out and kissed the sleeping boy's nose to waken him.

"What?" Yo said tilting his head to sense the White Dog Army lined up around him. "I am trying to sleep! I had to get up early to go give bloods."

"We know," White Dog told him. "That is the reason we are celebrating." "Because I gave blood?" "No, silly. We just heard from Dr. Julia, bro! Wonderful news!"

Everyone turned to look at me wanting the official word. "Dr. Julia says your red blood count is now actually in the normal range. It is 41.9. Wonderful work from both you and her."

Of course the matter is not over. We have to continue to watch to make sure things continue to inch up or at least stay stable, but we are officially out of imminent danger.

YoYoMa was not as excited as the rest of us. "What," I asked, "why are you not thrilled?" "I AM thrilled but momma, it is MY body I knew it was better, I can feel it. But I am glad you all now know. Can we have treats to celebrate?"

The true reward is reduction in the medications with the addition of a new immune system stimulant. Next Monday we will go as usual to draw blood but if YoYoMa's numbers hold we will, over time, be able to lengthen the interval between blood checks.

Even if my Big Boy wasn't dancing in the streets with excitement, the rest of us certainly were!


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Such great news! So happy for everyone!