January 18, 2017

White Dog came and sat quietly as I picked up the office phone to reschedule my appointment. "Dad is pretty frazzled, huh?"

"Just how much time do you allow for the unexpected?" I asked her. "He did a great job getting everyone up early and fed so that i could get to my very early blood drawn. We were right on schedule and it would get done and we would be home in no time and he would still get to work relatively on time."

"But it is not poor Bella's fault." "I know it is not...and so does dad."

We were just about ready to walk out into the early morning; in fact, I had just stood to zip my coat. Suddenly there was a manic scurrying noise from under the chair and Bella darted out running for the dog door...and leaving a trail of sickness behind her.

The dog door slammed and the Army rushed to investigate. "Everyone, Leave it!" I yelled. Steve looked at the mess and softly said, "oh no!"

Suddenly we were no longer on schedule. The schedule was out of the window. We unbundled and Steve went to fill a basin, get paper towels and the scrub brush. I herded the WDA into the yard to check on their sister and went to make the call.

It seems My Tiny Dancer had on last night's walk eaten something from the street, unnoticed by Steve. It must have percolated all night. The addition of breakfast just pushed her system too far. This we were able to deduce from the vomit on the deck.

When Bella came in I scooped her into my arms. She was shaking with the exertion and cried softly. And she was a mess at both ends. Thankfully Bella is small enough that I could cradle her and do cleanup with soapy water and a cloth by myself as Steve scrubbed the carpets. After cleanup I wrapped Miss B in a warm towel and she rested quietly in my arms.

Steve finished and then jumped in to shower and change. He was going to be late but refused to leave until he made breakfast for my later enjoyment and was certain Bella was "Empty." She was sleeping soundly under the watchful eyes of her siblings when he left.

Later I got a message from him. "I am so sorry you missed your appointment." "Don't be silly," I typed as WD dictated, "you did not cause Bella to be sick and you could not have planned for it. We all love you. Life just sometimes does not get the memo about the day's plan."


Random Felines said...

Best laid plans....poor Bella

meowmeowmans said...

Poor Bella. We hope she's all right now.

Gotta love the love the WDA shares. We sure do.