January 19, 2017

White Dog leaned over my shoulder. "It is Throwback Thursday, or as I like to think of it, White Dog Army Tribute Thursday. Let's feature our wise old man who came from Albuquerque."

Oso, the Fearless, walked into the blizzard of White Dogs like he was expected. Like so many of our family, he was not planned but sent. I got an email from a photographer friend who runs a small rescue in town; apparently the city had contacted HER asking if she knew the "Eskie people," us. It was Spring, 2012. They had a older gentlepup who was found as a stray.

We met Joyce the next morning at the shelter and filled out the papers to bring him home. He had some vetting that needed to be completed so we returned late in the afternoon to pick up our newest White Dog.

On the way home Steve and I discussed the introduction methodology we would use, keeping Oso on the front porch and letting the WDA meet him safely before physical contact. We walked onto the porch and Steve removed Oso's leash after I went inside. Oso scratched madly at the door to get in and the Army on the other side whined mightily that we were keeping them apart. So cautiously Steve opened the door a crack...and Oso rushed into the waiting floof of his new siblings.

It was a lovefest from the first second.

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Random Felines said...

sweet boy - he knew a good thing!!