January 2, 2017

White Dog rested forlornly on the arm of my chair. Around the room most of the White Dog Army was strewn in slumps of equal unhappiness. I joined them and looked around at their sad faces.

"What gives?"

"It is just that today is the end," WD said. "The end? The New Year is just a day old." "No, it is the end of dad's time of being home," she sighed. "Tomorrow, it is back to the routine where he leaves in the morning, goes to work and doesn't get home until dark. We will hardly have ANY time with him."

The others grunted and whimpered their agreement.

"I thought the new year was going to be better," Sachi barked. "This is the same old thing."

"Little Man, the new year WILL be better in lots of ways I am certain but the likelihood is that dad is still going to need to work and go to his job."

"It is not fair," Zsofia wooed. "He is happier when he is home with us." "He is, but you also like to eat, right? And we enjoy having warm beds and chewlicious toys. Dad works to make sure we can make a difference and be well cared for. I know it is hard some days and he is missed but you must remember to be grateful for the opportunities and good fortune his job brings to us all."

"There is something else we need to remember," Nilla spoke up. "Dad is a creative soul and loves being part of the process to shape our community. It is important for his well being to exercise his skills and talent. Work is a good thing." The others looked at Nilla and tried to digest her words. They struggled to balance the ideas of wanting to be home and needing to work.

White Dog summarized what the others were thinking, "it is great that the world needs dad, too. But we miss him LOTS when he is not here."


NanĂ¼k said...

Wooo-aooo-rooo! We must concur while doggers. Our pops also heads back to work today, especial hard after a long break. Our pops set up a web cam so he can check on us through the day...perhaps wooos pops need one of those??


Susan Sehi-Smith said...

Thanks, Bud. We are going to leave dad a hint by printing out some models and leaving them on his office chair. At least then we could snooter him. Your friend, YoYoMa