January 3, 2017

White Dog stood on the arm of the chair and demanded that Zso and Sachi take their wrestling match outside...or at least to a room where every other member of the White Dog Army was not lounging or napping.

"I mean it," she told them, "take it elsewhere before someone gets hurt."

They looked up to laugh at her "over concern" and stumbled into CA Stormer who was sleeping soundly.

He awoke in panic mode, snapping and growling in fear...swinging his head to catch Nilla, who had been sleeping next to HIM also suddenly jolted to consciousness. Her reaction was to try to struggle to her feet and run but Stormer caught her on the nose with his teeth.

Sachi and Zsofia stood stock still in the middle of the mayhem, frozen in disbelief as Stormer bellowed to be freed from the tangle and Nilla squealed in pain.

"Stormer, it is OK. You two GET OUTSIDE. There you go Stormy just go to your bed." I scooped Nilla into my arms. She was bleeding and shaking.

"Come on, Sweet Girl. Let's sit together. I will keep you safe. Then we can clean up you cut and we can put cream on it." I drew her against me and held her tightly until she sighed and relaxed a bit.

The scrape was not deep but did sting when I washed it out. "We have to make sure it does not get infected, Nillers," I told her as I applied antiseptic.

Stormer was lurking in the hallway afraid he was in huge trouble. I called him over; he sank to his belly and began contritely licking my foot. "I understand you were startled. It was not something you did out of meanness. Nilla will be all right." I reached down to massage the area behind his ears but he flinched. "You are not in trouble." I held my hand down for him to approach and eventually he slipped his head under my fingers.

In time Nilla settled next to me on the left and Stormer on the right. Both made a point not to look at the other but felt safe enough to close their eyes.

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