January 21, 2017

White Dog put her paws on the desk. "We're going to post about the March, right momma?" I looked at her and smiled. We had spent time after dinner relaxing as a family and the scene inspired a different direction. "No, Sweet One, I have another idea."

Just a few things I have learned watching my White Dog Army tonight.

Zsofia was gate keeping the door to the kitchen and Benson wanted to get through. There was not room behind her nor could he pass in front of her face. She ignored his polite request to move. I could see Ben thinking and trying not to get frustrated. Then he calmly lowered his head and body slightly and went under her. Mission accomplished. Lesson: Stay calm and figure it out...there is always a way.

Opal is my creamy coffee junkie. She is the only who obsesses about what is still in my cup after the morning sharing of two sips for every pup. She asks at least a dozen times across a day for another drink. She is charming and presses against me. She looks longingly at the mug. She stands on her back legs to paw gently at the cup on my cart. Most days it takes until nearly supper when I am at the last dregs and the cream has solidified but Opal finally wins a chance to finish off the cup. She heads into dinner a happy girl with a creamy mustache. Lesson: Ask and if that doesn't work, ask again. If you don't ask it won't happen and sometimes you need to ask until you wear down the opposition.

Sachi is half Zso's height and a fourth of her weight. The Little Man wrestles with his sister constantly; standing on his back legs to wrap his paws around her neck and twisting. His efforts are filled with grunts and fierce grimaces. He wrestles with determination until Zsofia drops to her belly and "surrenders."  Lesson from Sachi: Give it everything you've got and don't give up.  Lesson from Zso: Sometimes it is better to show grace than strength.

Trixie is a notorious counter surfer. She has taught Steve to be fastidious in keeping the counter tops clear but still every time she goes into the kitchen she checks...just in case. Lesson: If you look up in life you might just discover something really worth the effort.

YoYoMa and Pearl are masters at being able to rest in the middle of bedlam in positions that defy any concept of comfort. It is not that either falls down on the job of protecting our home; both are first responders in the pack. Lesson: Take action when you are called to but also remember to advantage of opportunities to chill.

Nilla, our matriarch, the oldest, jumps like a basketball star for dinner, all four feet in the air in an athletic leap that is amazing. But she can no longer jump "Up" on things; the propelling of her body forward as well as up is more than she can manage. Steve helped her after dinner onto the couch where she lounged like a Queen wearing a blazing smile. Lesson: The little things so often provide the deepest pleasures.

White Dog touched my cheek. "Wow momma!It is good to know you pay attention and are so open to learning from us." "Little White Dog of My Heart, I cannot begin to tell you how much i appreciate all you and the WDA have taught me."


Random Felines said...

Those are great lessons.....

meowmeowmans said...

Seriously, we'd all be so much better off if we all learned these wonderful and wise WDA lessons. Hugs to you all.