January 22, 2017

White Dog was tucked into her bedroom and kisses were given. We headed over to the bedroom trailing the rest of the White Dog Army. It was "just before bed" treat time and every pup was arrayed around the bed. Steve looked at the assembly. "Where is Zsofia?"  He called her but got no response.

"Maybe she is out in the yard doing some last before bed thing," he said and called through the dog door. Bella and Opal went out to see what their sister was up to. Steve put the treats on his bedstand. "She'll be in and can get them then. It is unlike her to miss treats."

We got comfy and watched an episode of a series we are following. When it ended we were still not ready to sleep. "Let's watch one more," Steve suggested. "Are you sure? It was a draining day." He nodded. Before he pushed the control I asked, "Is Zsofia in?"

He knelt up on the bed. "Bella is back in and so is Opal. No. i don't see Zso. That is strange." He called her to come in. "I better go look for her in the yard and see what she is up to."

I heard him step into slippers and wrap his robe tightly and the back door slammed. Then I heard him calling the Darkest White Dog. He moved around the yard and I started to worry. Then I heard him come back in...but Zsofia did not appear through the dog door nor did she bound in from the living room ahead of Steve.

Steve went into the office. He got down and checked deep within the open crates. He went back into the living room and looked in WD's fortress of solitude. I heard the front door open.

And Zsofia can hurtling onto the bed wooing about how awful it was and please don't ever leave her again and can she have her treats. All of the others thought we were having a new round to celebrate and were quite disappointed.

Steve came back into the room.

"Where did you find her?"

"She was just sitting on the other side of the front door looking very puzzled and waiting to be let in," he replied.

"How the heck did she get out there?" "She must of crept out when I came back from walks with Yo, Nilla and White Dog. I had trouble with Nilla's harness clasp and every pup came out to see. She must not have come in with everyone else."

I wrapped my arms around the Baby Girl trying to burrow under my side and crushing me with her body lying across my chest.  "Itty Bitty Baby, why didn't you sing for help...or woo. We were SO worried." She crawled over me to take Steve's spot on the bed where she curled tightly against me.

"I know it was very traumatic but it was not dad's fault. You cannot sleep where he does. Will an extra treat help?" Steve held the treat at the opening to her crate.

In an instant, Zso was getting settled and crunching away. All was good.

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Random Felines said...

geez - that was scary....glad she was just sitting out there