January 25, 2017

White Dog wondered. "What do you think Gentle Storm would have thought of CA Stormer?" "Well, they have VERY different personalities," I said. "Gentle Storm was so tiny and shy our Big Guy might have taken her a bit to get used to...he can be sort of loud and in your face."

"I imagine that the Littlest Girl would have seen the loving soul under the sometimes moan-y one. And he would have felt very protective of her delicate ways." White Dog told me, eyes closed as she envisioned the two together. "He would have let her curl up against him and the two would have napped for hours together. CA would have worried when she was sick and she would rush to calm him when he got anxious."

I looked over at CA Stormer sleeping next to us on his bed in the office. I could "see" what WD was describing. Little 10lb. Gentle Storm lying within the curve of his belly, CA Storm's paw protectively over her. "It would have been beautiful," I agreed.

White Dog's eyes traveled up from Stormer's bed to right above it on the wall; there hangs Gentle Storm's WDA portrait. "I think she watches over him," she whispered.
CA Stormer sleeps beneath the watchful eyes of Gentle Storm's portrait.
Gentle Storm would have appreciated a big brother to keep special watch over her.

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Random Felines said...

we have no doubt they would have had a very special bond