January 26, 2017

White Dog growled but stood down when she heard Steve's anger. The next thing I knew Zsofia was on top of me on the bed, her head pressed against my heart.

"I just came in to say goodbye, momma. I am running away. Dad hates me."

I had heard the scuffle in the kitchen preceding WD's growl and YoYoMa's yelp. "Do you really believe dad hates you?" I asked her. "that is not what I see a million times every day."

"He took my food bowl away," she wooed. "All because I got into a tiny disagreement with my brother. AND it was Yo's fault!"

"Tell me." "I was eating breakfast and YoYoMa walked past me. He purposely bumped me because he wanted to steal my food so I had to let him know THAT was not going to happen." "Do you REALLY think he bumped you because he wanted your food? Yo is pretty mellow. Do you think because he is blind that he might sometimes just be a bit awkward?" "Nope this was on purpose and dad took his side and picked up MY bowl. I won't put up with that!"

"I am sorry you feel you must leave our family, Zso. Do you have a plan or will you just live on the street? If that is the case maybe talk to Benson, he lived on the street and maybe he can give you some tips about staying warm and finding places to sleep and finding food and avoiding fights with other big mean dogs. He had a tough time and when he was rescued was in pretty bad shape. Would hate for that to be your fate."

"But if your mind is made up, let me call White Dog and the rest of the Army together so you can tell them. We have never had a member quit us before. I guess White Dog will need to remove your collar and tags. You won't have any need of those." "My collar? It has my name and phone number on it." "Yes, but you won't need those. you can even pick out a new name if you want; maybe something that sounds mean and tough. Zsofia means wisdom, you know."

I patted her head and summoned the family to join us. Yo came in next to Steve, his scrape on the nose had stopped bleeding. White Dog came front and center.

"Zsofia has some news she wants to share,"  I prepped them before turning to her. Zso was looking confused and would not make eye contact with any one. She sat up on the bed and shifted uncomfortably. "Well, Sweet Dog," I pressed, "Tell them!" She sang to me her indecision. Every pup waited attentively. There was a very long pause.

Finally, Zsofia looked at YoYoMa. "I am sorry, brother. What I did was mean and not at all nice. Can you forgive me?" Then she looked at WD, "I apologize to you and dad. I will try to do better."

I put my arms around her and whispered into her ear, "I hope that means you have decided to stay. Our family would be much less without you. I am proud that you knew to fix things. Now it is done, let the day begin."

Zsofia bounded off of the bed and ran out into the yard.


NanĂ¼k said...

We love woo Zso!

Nuk & Family

Random Felines said...

good choice Zso....