January 29, 2017

White Dog looked around after breakfast and sniffed delicately. "I hate to say it but some of this Army could do with baths."

Zsofia headed out of the door.

Steve grabbed her harness and wrestled Trixie into the tub; he shut the door. "She is getting better at this," I said to Bella. And then she came bounding out to shake all over everyone...again...and again.

CA Stormer kind of likes the attention and the warm massaging water so he did not argue at all when it was his turn. He was such an unexpectantly calm participant. he quietly laid on the pile of towels on the bed in the sun puddle and let Steve clip his nails.

"Next?" White Dog called but Nilla whispered in her ear. "Oh, I have just been told we are out of clean dry towels so the spa is closed for the rest of the morning."

Zsofia, who had been watching and listening through the dog door, knew she was safe and came back inside.

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