January 30, 2017

White Dog saw YoYoMa off for his early appointment to check his blood levels and then went back to bed. I, too, enjoyed a bit longer time under the comfy blankets taking advantage of the entire bed.

Steve returned with Yo and came in. "What is this?" he asked stopping at the bedroom door. "Oh. Somebody has left you a good morning present," he said as he went to get cleanup materials.

"Somebody not feeling well?" I questioned. "Better than that. Seems our Little Mouser has had a success and left you breakfast." He carefully picked up and washed the area before removing the corpse to the outside dumpster. Sachi was prancing and beaming with pride.

He has been tracking and stalking a mouse in the kitchen for weeks now. The mouse escaped all of our efforts to remove him as well as Sachi's stalking and pawing...until possibly today.  We lavished our Great White Hunter with praise for his skill and I thanked him for the gift. Sachi wagged with joy at all of the attention.

Later in the morning, when most of the White Dogs were enjoying naps, I looked toward the kitchen. Zsofia was there, sitting facing that room, fully alert, ears shifting intently, totally focused. She did not move except her ears but was coiled to spring in an instant. She was powerful in her potential and it was clear she was on the hunt.

She must have felt me watching after a few minutes because she shook her head and came to my side. I stroked her face and ruff. "I know Sachi has been playing with the mouse for a while," I said, "but he wasn't the one who left me the present was he?" She pressed her head into my arm.

"You are a skilled huntress and more important, a wonderful sister. It was kind of you to let your brother take the credit for your trophy." I kissed her nose and she licked mine.


Random Felines said...

As cats that don't hunt....we salute you!

meowmeowmans said...

Zsofia, it was you who caught that mousie? Good job! :)

Anonymous said...

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