February 11, 2017

White Dog let out her breath. "Thank dog! We were all kind of worried." The White Dog Army all swirled around Trixie to sniff and check her over themselves.

At the beginning of the week Miss Trix, overnight, developed a nickel-sized irritated faceted lump on her side. Since we already know she has some deep hidden chronic issue we wasted no time making an appointment for her to see the vet. She has felt fine, there were no other symptoms of trouble but better safe, we all agreed.

It was a quick trip. Dr. England took a needle biopsy and looked under the microscope. Her news was good. "Not a tumor," she summarized. "The cells are already breaking up, healing. "It was possibly a bug bite or a spot infection, already is dissolving too much to be certain. Keep watch and if it grows, gets red or flares up again lets look anew. Meantime it should just heal and disappear."

Same with the swollen lymph node. Only inflamed and bloody and no signs of the c monster. Our Big Beautiful Girl has developed a small fatty growth on her underside but there is no current cause for alarm or immediate action.

In fact, Trixie has put on 3lbs, a good thing for her. And we agreed to step back her prednisone to control her skin issues to a minuscule maintenance dose. All in all, an excellent visit.

Trixie had not been worried but left the office grinning...not so much from the diagnosis but from the fawning and fussing she got from all of the staff who love our girl.

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Random Felines said...

those sudden bumps are panic inducing - glad it wasn't anything to worry about