February 12, 2017

White Dog and the rest of the Army wanted to know what portal we had passed through. "I don't get it," Opal said shaking her head. "Yesterday it was seventy degrees with beautiful blue skies and something in the air that made you feel like singing." White Dog agreed. "And today the wind howls at like 7 million miles an hour shaking the whole house and it is gloom inducing grey. I don't like this." In fact, the only member of the WDA who did not mind was...

Zsofia. The White Dog who was standing in the yard, wind blowing dirt and dead leaves around her, and snoofering with closed eyes heaven turned like some kind of crazy mystic.

Inside, most of the Army did not like the mood or sensations out there. The power of home and its sanctuary was much appreciated as Steve cooked Benson's meals and brushed out furs. Gentle music played. While nature shook and cursed, we were safe, warm, and had full hearts. Even Zso came in and curled up at my feet.

Bella had come out from under our chair and was sitting next to Yo. "Would it be OK to think of a Christmas song today?" she asked. "Sure," I said not quite knowing where she was heading in her thoughts. "It is just that The weather outside is frightful but in here is so delightful keeps running in my head."

"I like that part," White Dog said, "as long as we don't sing the Let It Snow part."

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Random Felines said...

mom says that Mother Nature needs to be medicated.... MOL we are getting the cold/warm/cold thing here too...and luckily no snow either