February 14, 2017

White Dog came out and joined me. It was hours before dawn but I was restless and unable to sleep so I quietly left the sleeping family and moved to the darkened living room. WD hopped into my lap, like she did so often as a puppy and lay with her head pressed against my heart. I wrapped her in my arms.

There we sat, we two not moving and silent but I knew we were both thinking of life and love shared over the past 12 years. From my heart down my arms and into hers flowed memories of life’s journey walked together and all of the emotions that we have weathered together.

The two of us watched the windows lighten and sunrise ignite the sky. We knew very soon that the White Dog Army and Steve would awaken and her White Dog Gotcha Day celebration would begin with well wishes, nuzzles, and special treats. Stories would be told over breakfast and throughout the day her arrival anniversary would be cause for joy.

Now, in the just twoness of the moment I turned her face to mine. Softly I sang the song that has been hers since I held her that very first time…

I kissed her nose…and the alarm rang. “Happy Gotcha Day, Siku Marie!” were the first words heard .


Random Felines said...

HAPPY Gotcha Day!!! What a wonderful way to start it off.

NanĂ¼k said...

Happy gotcha day deary!!! We love woo all,

Nuk & Timber

Brian said...

Such a special day! Happy Gotcha Day from all of us!!!

meowmeowmans said...

Aw, this is so, so special. Happy Gotcha Day, sweet Siku Marie! Love you!