February 13, 2017

White Dog paced in front of me as I chatted with Dr Julia. I could see WD's impatience about Yo's report. YoYoMa, on the other hand, was soundly sleeping against the fireplace, a softly snoring peaceful cherub.

Dr. Julia told me Yo's latest numbers from this morning's blood test. "Woohoo!" I replied and WD put her paws on my lap to get closer to the handset.

YoYoMa's numbers have been smack in the middle of "normal" range for the last three tests...meaning no anemia issues at all. And his white blood cell count was also normal meaning no infections anywhere. It was good news.

"I think we can graduate him," our beloved vet told me. "Let's do the next blood test a month from now. We can stretch it out and let us see what happens." I cheered. YoYoMa will most likely continue being monitored for the rest of his life but our great doctor thinks we can, if his numbers stay constant, work to move the intervals to every 6-8 weeks ultimately.

"You are awesome," WD barked into the phone. Dr. Julia laughed and understood. I agreed and thanked her for guiding My Big Boy through his recovery so well. I told her that Yo himself would thank her but he, unlike WD, already knew the level of good health that he and Dr. Julia have achieved.

Our vet bid us a good week and told WD to enjoy the snow."Ha!" I told her, "the White Dog Army is having a warm broth, blanket cuddles, and cookies kind of day. No one wants to be out in the yuck and cold. "Just don't overdo the cookies," she cautioned.