February 16, 2017

White Dog could not help but smile at the memory. "Taiko was SO devoted to dad," she said, "even when he walked he had to be touching him."

She recalled Taiko's signature habit of walking so close behind Steve that his head and shoulders were actually between Steve's legs as he moved. It was, she said, like watching some kid of modern dance, amazing in that Steve never stumbled nor Taiko tangled in the synchronized steps.

"I know, Taiko sure loved dad." I responded.  He always had to be in physical proximity to him; when Steve was at work Tai wold lie quietly by himself in the kitchen waiting for the sound of the car.

WD's face clouded over. "I thought dad would never stop crying when his boy was so suddenly struck down by the c monster. He just was not with us long enough."

I agreed. "But Little White Dog of My Heart? None of you will EVER be here long enough no matter if it is 100 years." She nodded slowly. "I am sure glad dad knows Tai lives in his heart forever and that our Taiko the Tender Hearted will never be forgotten."
Dad's most frequent view of Taiko


Random Felines said...

we love them all, but some maybe just a little more than others....and it is NEVER for long enough

meowmeowmans said...

It's true. They are never with us long enough. But the memories and indelible love prints they leave on our hearts are always with us, right? Hugs as you remember sweet Taiko.