February 17, 2017

White Dog saw my distress at a day begun with the discovery our terra cotta house guardian that has watched out door for twenty years had been stolen and then was further darkened by a "meet and greet" with the new doctor my medical practice "assigned" to me when my skilled and proven doctor of so long retired to pursue his diabetes awareness advocacy. The new doctor was young, excellently credentialed, but defensive at my questioning her style and ideas about patient/doctor relationships. She is very much a product of insurance driven medicine and her responses were careful and vague. Her approach was not welcoming and she asked no questions of me. I am prepared for a BIG adjustment from the physician who had seen my health through so much but feel somewhat less than confident that my care will be as personal.

WD came into the office late in the morning to tell me the White Dog Army had a "surprise" that would make me feel better. Her tail wagged as she led me to the living room to see the "stress reliever" my pack had created for me.

Scattered across the carpet was the day's mail...a few bills and junk mail. Bella and Opal held envelopes in their paws as they tore off strips of the water bill and a political solicitation. But they had not acted alone. Sachi slept with his head on his contribution and Zsofia brought a torn corner from her efforts, resting on the bed. Amazingly the personal correspondence was untouched.

Stormer and Trixie had apparently been in charge of junk mail decluttering; theirs were much more colorful remains of the weekly sales fliers.

I smiled at the generous thought behind the destruction although inside I sighed at the cleanup and piecing together of the bills in particular. "Thank you, loves. You are all so thoughtful in trying to make me feel better. What would I do without you?"


meowmeowmans said...

We are so sorry (and mad) that your terra cotta house guardian was stolen. That's terrible, and we are sad that people would even do that. We have our paws and fingers crossed about your new doctor; we hope she ends up being good.

Nice job with the mail sorting, Stormer and Trixie! :D

Random Felines said...

Boo at the thieves. And we hope the new doctor turns out to be what you need.