February 19, 2017

White Dog was in an "I am bored with eating the same thing" mood so the news that today was "Dibs and Dabs" Day sparked her interest. And if WD was excited about tonight's meal...EVERY pup knew it was going to be special.

This had been a week of leftovers and changes in last minute plans that resulted in lots of containers resting in the refrigerator with a need to be used. Most were not enough for an entire meal, but rather American tapas of a sort. The plan was, a Steve pulled containers and wrapped things from the shelves, to cobble together plates with an assortment of noshes from the stash and each of us would get a unique meal.

"Look, half a container of cottage cheese," Steve said, "cut fruit. a bit of three cheeses. couscous. stir fry vegetables in peanut sauce. asparagus stuffed chicken. My goodness! There are LOTS of goodies."

He was busy pulling out Greek yogurt and remains from the crisper and was not focused on the White Dog Army sorting out between themselves who was claiming exactly which treasures would top their kibble. It was serious discussion, trading, give-and-take.

Except for the lamb, almond and date meatballs. Not one pup counter bid White Dog's claim on those.

"Oh man," Steve sighed as he reached deep into the cold box, "I forgot all about the custard tart! There are only a few berries puckering, the crust is ok and the custard is good; it got pushed way to the back where it is coldest. But it HAS to be eaten or lost." He felt the heat of the Army as they pressed forward, all volunteering to sacrifice their taste buds for the good of the family. I promised all would get a sliver for dessert. I heard Steve from the kitchen ask, "Me, too?"

A short time later, bowls were delivered to a VERY hungry WDA...and I received a plate that included half a chili baked potato, lemon  mushrooms and green beans, and a petite mixed greens salad. Steve had homemade guacamole and chips, strips of rosemary chicken and feta wrapped in flat bead and a salad of cucumbers with grape tomatoes. I looked around and saw the White Dogs checking out each other's bowls...and no one complained about Steve's selection for their personalized meal.

Over tart, White Dog looked up and smiled. "That was a perfect break from the routine dad! you are an awesome chef!" The others agreed. Steve smiled and opened the refrigerator door. All of the little containers were gone. "Now we have room to go grocery shopping and we did not waste a single thing. Thank you all for your help."


The Daily Pip said...

Everybody (and dog) loves tart!

Random Felines said...

always good to have an appreciative clean up crew