February 18, 2017

White Dog and the White Dog Army expected  yummy noshes when Steve and I returned from Health Fair that Paws To People participated in...and they were appreciated by all. But the bees...now those were a surprise that appealed to just a few.

Long ago, WD received an interactive toy that was a cloth beehive filled with little stuffed bees. The point was the pup would figure out to pull out the insects to play with them individually...and as she became more skilled would actually learn how to return the bees to the holes to put them back into their home. White Dog mastered this in no time flat.

Most of the others prefer just playing with the bees, that each squeaks. When Opal joined us the hive was resurrected as a depository for the torn off wings, heads and surviving bits. We were overjoyed to discover our favorite pet place carried replacement bees.

With the arrival of Spring has come the need to awaken (replace) the bees gone dead over the winter. At the health fair our table happened to face the store's display that held those bees. Message received...

...and result immediately embraced...
The really question is, how long before the bees are silenced and wingless?


meowmeowmans said...

We hope the bees last for a while, but no matter, it's so great to see the WDA enjoying them! :)

Jo's World said...

Our wings, and other bits are in fine shape, dear Stella just loves to make SQUEEEEK music with the Bees . How ours do suffer is from dirtyness. They are dirty from one end to the other and Stella just "don't care" as long as they will continue to make music for her. Amazingly. they never get dumped because they take the abuse and keep making the squeek. Now and then , I throw the Bees and a few other critters in the machine and they all come out pretty with their songs in good shape and on and on it goes!

Its time like these I don't miss my hearing at all.

Jo (and Stella)