March 11, 2017

White Dog and the Army rushed to the door when we pulled in this morning. I passed through the blizzard and sat down. Steve came in behind me, carrying a bag. The WDA looked confused.

"WELL?" White Dog demanded. "Where is Anya?"

We left the house early on a mission to pick up the newest recruit of the White Dog Army, Anya but when we got to the vet who was holding her we were told our newest baby had gone through a rough night of vomiting and looseness. She suggested before Anya come home that we do some blood work and give some fluids. Holding the precious girl in my arms, the LAST thing I wanted to do was to leave without her but we agreed. The plan was that we would return for tonight.

I explained all of this to her disappointed siblings as Steve lightened the mood by suggesting that the poor girl was probably just overwhelmed by so much change and that she would be home and fine once she arrived VERY soon...then he served pancakes to soothe the White Dog worries.

Watching the clock all day was exhausting in its own way. Mid afternoon we called to check with the vet who told us all the indications were that our baby was "amazingly" good for her condition and that she was resting while  receiving fluids and tummy meds. We could get her tonight.

It was after ten when we carried Anya into the cheers and sniffs of her new family. Her entry into the pack was smooth and warm. She was unafraid; the WDA was gentle and positive. It took her about ten minutes to ask to explore.

Off she went for quite some time leading most of the Army like ducklings behind her.

Steve placed her in her special temporary room in the kitchen as he put together some rice and broth for her. YoYoMa and Trixie flanked her space. When her food was ready, Steve found the precious newbie fast asleep. He put her bowl in the refrigerator.

"Sweet dreams, my baby girl," he told her and motioned it was time for all of us to begin bedtime procedures.


Random Felines said...

Welcome sweet girl! It gets so much better from here forward

Brian said...

Welcome home sweetie, you will never long for love again, it will be there every single day.

TwoSpecialWires said...

Welcome to the life you've long deserved, Anya!

Barbara said...

Man, you weren't kidding about her skin! But she'll look fabulous under your care very soon!

Team Beaglebratz with Lady Shasta said...

Yes, welcome home little Anya - your family is so happy you are finally in their midst. And the fact that you felt comfortable enough to fall asleep so soon, is a sign that you know you are home. From now on may all your dreams be filled with visions of your new family and all the good that lies ahead.
Mom Kim

meowmeowmans said...

Welcome to your happily ever after, sweet Anya. So happy for you all! :)