March 13, 2017

White Dog took the time this morning for a formal induction into the White Dog Army for Anya. Now formally Anya Marie Sehi-Smith, Curious White Dog (CWD), WD welcomed her new sister and showed her the new personal room Steve has set up for our girl. It is in the office where WD and Stormer sleep. Anya walked right in and settled down. The entire WDA crowded into the room to cheer and to share treats in her honor.

Once she is recovered and knows her way around a bit better she will be able to come and go as she pleases but for now, Anya will nighttime sleep with her door closed for safety and will be secured when the humans leave the house.

The WDA is very impressed with little Anya's ability to investigate and explore. She seems much less shaky than that first night and we suspect has some vision remaining. And there are already signs that as she adjusts she will have the personality to hold her ground even with the big boys (tonight she hip checked Benson out of her way and I am not sure it was entirely an accident).

Her tummy is not yet ready for WDA treats but dinner tonight was the first meal that our new girl ate without coaxing. It is still the bland diet but we did not have to syringe feed. The meds are working and her stress is dissipating. Tomorrow Anya meets our beloved Dr. Julia.

The WDA is quite impressed with Anya's first days and are confident she will be a perfect fit as she heals and adapts...and she thinks the WDA is the perfect fit for a forever home (plus she is pretty darned fond of Steve).


Random Felines said...

What an awesome beginning

FiveSibesMom said...

She's so adorable and so lucky to be a member of the amazing WDA! Welcome, Anya!!!

meowmeowmans said...

This is so wonderful. It sounds like Anya is exactly where she belongs.

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