March 14, 2017

White Dog and most of the White Dog Army took the vet outing as an opportunity for a planning session. How do I know? Well my computer was left on...SOME pup had used my password...and there were scraps from notes hastily devoured as we returned home.

YoYoMa has gone one month since the last blood check for his anemia and we wanted to review how the drops for his glaucoma were working. Sadly, his numbers were down just under the normal divider. Dr. Julia was not alarmed but wants a new blood draw in two weeks; of course if we notice any major signs of concern, he is to come in immediately. "I have seen slight shifting over time in these cases, slight swings. He just bears a bit closer watching. Don't be a worried momma." His drops slightly improved his eye pressures; we will continue using them to hopefully push back the eventuality that he will someday need surgery.

Bella was due for her annual Wellness Checkup. My painfully shy girl managed the outing with stalwart calm that surprised and pleased me. "Sweet Girl," I cooed. "Look how far you have come! You are so brave!" She beamed. "Healthy as can be," Dr. Julia proclaimed. "I see she has a bit of OCD. She chews her front foot, doesn't she?" I nodded and Bella turned her head. Our beloved vet tenderly took the foot and carefully looked it over. "Just be sure she does not get too carried away or fixated so that infection becomes a problem." She ruffled Bella's head. "And you try to find another way to work off stress."

Anya was the last to the table. Blood work had already been drawn to send out to test our girl's thyroid and hormones (to see if she has been spayed). The thyroid results will tell us a lot about why our Baby's skin is in such poor condition and it will help us determine a course of treatment. For now she was given an antibiotic shot to prevent infection and we were warned about her skin's sensitivity to sunburn. Anya sees only in pinpoints and shadows; she is about totally deaf. We guess her to be fourteen or older. Accuracy was nearly impossible because our sweet one is nearly toothless. There seem to be no issues with her organs...she is generally in good health for the normal things. Dr. Julia encouraged us to continue feeding Anya soft foods but warned us not to over pamper her. "She has been through a lot," she reminded. "She will tell you when she is hungry; she is not fearfully thin so don't think she will starve. Be sure she keeps up fluids."

I was reporting all of this to the WDA and noticed that Steve and the patients had all disappeared into the office with White Dog. I smiled that they were being brought up to date on the status of plans for tomorrow...my birthday.

If I am wrong and no one notices in the morning, I am going to be one momma whose over anticipation of a birthday fiesta will leave me like a disappointed six-year-old...not a wise sixty year old pack leader.


Random Felines said...

sounds like good v-e-t reports for the most part....and that plans have been made :)

Jo's World said...

You can be very sure I'm going to be tuning in tomorrow to see what Steve and the WD Army have in store for your celebratory 60th ? or will it be 61st?

Do you suspect Anya was a mill breeder that got tossed? I just ache for the old dogs who wind up alone.

Birthday salutations!

Jo and Stella