March 15, 2017

White Dog was lying across my chest with her face against mine. "OK it wasn't the best birthday ever," she agreed. "But nothing EVER can beat a day that is so filled with love and togetherness." I had to agree and be most thankful for the circle of support and love offered by the White Dog Army, Steve, and so many caring friends."

The day had started with a trip to the clinic for a blood draw I had missed last week. Not so great but quickly done and a return home to breakfast of cinnamon whole wheat waffles and sausage prepared by Steve and his crew of sous chefs. "Really?" Stormer commented, "Is that how it is spelled? I always thought dad meant SUE'S CHEFS."

Then knowing I would have messages from many dear friends, I hopped on my computer to check emails. BIG MISTAKE. The email about an event to happen in just 10 days threw the day's plans off of the table. The crisis was huge and jeopardized the event. I was sucked into disaster mode. Bye-bye birthday celebration.

The problems are still not resolved but the close of business pretty much forced me to come up for air. All day the WDA and Steve buoyed my spirits and kept me balanced.

"It seems the Universe doesn't want me to become complacent in my 'elder' years," I sort of laughed. "Just keep reminding me this is only a challenge to stay balanced and grateful." Opal rubbed her head under my hand.

"Remember, there is always CAKE," Zsofia soothed. She had seen the birthday cake Tami made...a three layer luscious Neapolitan cake with fresh berries." Trixie added, "and your cheese plate for lunch that dad made looked tasty, even if we did not get samples." "Well, you got TWO pieces of jerky," I replied.

Just focus on the food parts, they have been wonderful said YoYoMa who has seen MANY of my birthdays. And he was right. The Army put together a feast for sharing. We shut off the computer, dimmed the lights, and turned on some lovely chamber music.

Then White Dog called for the meal to be served. Asparagus sauteed with mushrooms, twice baked potatoes, ahi tuna (just for me) and salmon (for the rest) with a honey sesame soy glaze...and fried shrimps. The menu, cooking and presentation was the finest...

...but the VERY best moment was when Anya, still not eating on her own, snatched a morsel of salmon from Steve's fingers. Then she actually ATE a small portion enthusiastically! It was a woohoo moment.

Then of course, cake.

We all now rest together in swoon, my family and me. I am a bit battered but assured after the storm that I always have a safe haven, and support and more love than I can bear surrounding me. It may not have been the birthday planned, but life is like that. this was a celebration of life and balance and remembering how blessed I am.

Thank you all for participating in making my day truly special.

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Random Felines said...

Sounds like the BEST part of the day went well. As the saying goes, life is what happens while we make plans. We hope that the "crisis" didn't totally affect your day and that it resolves itself quickly. PURRS