March 19, 2017

White Dog had a plan. "Anya is getting around the house pretty well and she is so curious. Maybe she should go on night-night walks with the pack. Dad takes her out in the yard after us anyway and maybe it will help her find a way to trust enough to start eating on her own."

I looked at our Leader and considered her suggestion. Anya has over the past days found an increasing sense of comfort among her new family. She is not yet eating on her own but she does the post meal waltz to sniff empty bowls. She walks under Trix and Zsofia to get around. She rests without fear near her sleeping siblings. Maybe White Dog had a point.

Not only did she have a point. My Girl, of course, had a plan. "Dad should start off easy. Nilla has already volunteered to shepherd Anya on a just the Old Girls stroll. Nilla enjoys a stress-free slow and shorter walk which would be perfect for the new kid."

Steve thought White Dog's idea was a good one, too. "Ready Nilla?" he asked and she trotted over to the front door. Our Harmonious One always has a smile and a gentle demeanor and she is about the same age as Anya; it was a good pairing. Steve clipped on her lead. He went back through the door where Anya stood and lifted her. "Come on, Little Girl, you get to go on a walk tonight!" He leashed her and kept her in his arms to carry her down the stairs.

We all turned toward Nilla when they returned. Anya scuttled past and headed to the water dish. Nilla flashed us all a beautiful smile and joined her sister at the bowl. Steve reported that Anya will probably like a harness better than just her collar but that she seemed to enjoy walking alongside Nilla's flank. They only walked to the corner but the two ladies stopped to sniff and breathe in the night air.

Plus, now Anya had pottied and bedtime was nearer at hand since there was no need to go into the yard. Thankfully, because Anya the Explorer was already getting curled up and settling for the night in her little house.


NanĂ¼k said...

Happy woooooos mates!!!


Random Felines said...

that is so awesome....amazing to see her transition to well into your pack