March 24, 2017

White Dog knows the routine by now. The day before a Paws To People event is Pack Out Day. It is a day of no sitting on any furniture because it is all covered with boxes and stacks to be put in containers. It is momma and dad are both home but they are very distracted doing organizing and stuff and don't want to play ball or want you to take things from their arrangements. It is expect to have to remind momma about treats a LOT...and dad about the fact it is nearly dinner time. It is exhausting barking dad out every time he puts a box into the van and then in again when he returns to carry out another.  It is having increasingly less space to move around in the living room. It is better to nap that supervise after a while because...it is pretty boring and mechanical.

It is FINALLY done and all is in the car but omd where did the time go? It is past bedtime and walks are late and we need to get up early tomorrow.

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