March 25, 2017

White Dog stood on the chair and directed the blizzard of white as we returned home. As expected it had been a long day abandoned and both humans and White Dogs were glad to be reunited. The WDA propelled each of to much appreciated chairs and swarmed over us with kisses and nuzzles and joy. It was a balm for our exhaustion.

The Army knows that after a full day taking and mingling, and reaching out to the community as we spread the word about Paws To People's mission to save lives, that both Steve and I are wiped out. YoYoMa already had soft jazz music playing in the background when WD announced that tonight was "Ultra Easy Dinner" night.

Steve looked at her gratefully. "What are you planning," I asked my considerate Girl. "How does cheese, crackers and sardines sound?" She replied. "No cooking, just plate it up and it doesn't even have to be pretty, and we are ALL happy!" Steve wrapped his arm around WD and kissed her nose. "Perfect idea! Thank you for thinking of your poor tired old dad."

I heard Opal mumble, "It is not a hardship for US! We love cheese and sardines...and even those nice rye crackers."

Dinner is served in under 15 minutes...thank you WD!


Random Felines said...

Good plan after a long day

The Florida Furkids said...

Easy peasy works for us!!!

The Florida Furkids