March 6, 2017

White Dog is NOT a vegetable lover...unless there is a buttery, creamy, or cheesy sauce involved. She sat at my side as I prepared and chopped up kale for tonight's dinner.

The rest of the White Dog Army are fiends and must be appeased like volcano gods whenever I prepare veggies. I thought I had made my offerings to each when I first cut off the stems and washed the curly leaves.

Apparently my tribute was deemed insufficient. I turned my back from the chopping mat for a second to answer the phone and Opal snagged the corner of the plastic; with a quick flip of her head the kitchen became a White Dog salad bowl.

The WDA scurried to grab the leaves and dash off to munch before returning for more. The momma sighed as all of the kale disappeared and I was reduced to staring into the crisper to choose a new side dish...something frozen and prechopped Steve suggested.

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Random Felines said...

sigh....at least they got their veggies :)