April 17, 2017

White Dog has a special disdain for the Machiavellian tactics that our Darkest White Dog sometimes employs to get her way over the others.

For example, Zso is famous for "vulturing" Nilla at mealtime. She does not touch the food or Nilla but intimidates our gentle generous old lady by lording over her and staring. Eventually Nilla surrenders her bowl if Zso is not reined in.

The Dark One also uses Sachi's devotion to her advantage. If Opal has a toy that no one had or wanted but suddenly it becomes coveted merely by her having it, Zsofia will send her Wrestling Partner over to engage Opal in play. The minute Oh moves to chase her teasing brother, Zso swoops in and grabs the toy and Sachi comes to hide next to me, ignoring the game-ready Opal.

White Dog sat with She Who Will One Day Be Queen and discussed the idea of not abusing power. She explained that just because you CAN does not mean you SHOULD. "As a future leader," White Dog schooled her sister, "you must learn that the happiness of the pack is first and often at your own expense."

Zsofia shook her head. "I thought when you are Queen you get to do whatever you want and everybody else has to bend to your desires."

"WHERE did you ever get that crazy idea?" WD asked, her eyes wide.

""From momma and dad's discussions about humans."

"Crikey! Always remember this. Your first job whether Queen or just a pack member is to always set an example for humans to follow. They are not very good at working together and doing what is best. Without us, they are lost!"

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Random Felines said...

sounds like Zso needs remedial royalty classes :)