April 18, 2017

White Dog was standing on the deck and the rest of the White Dog Army formed a half circle next to the Studio door. They were all barking at the wall. It was an all out "sound the intruder alarm" song. Steve looked out and saw nothing but all refused to come in when he called.

The alarm continued as he put on shoes and went out to hush the Army since it was just barely 7am.

White Dog warned him to "stay back" while the others tried to form a furry shield as he moved toward the spot that was attracting so much attention. Zsofia even gave him a low growl to warn him off.

This is what he found:
"It is all right," he told the Army. "Let's just go in and make breakfast she will continue her journey and be gone by the time you come back out." Every pup followed him in but Bella turned at the top of the deck to shout a reminder that Spidey best be gone...or else.


Random Felines said...

those freak mom out....

NanaNor's said...

It almost look like a black widow-something I wouldn't want to be hear or have the dogs near. We used to get them all the time in Ca.
Glad she moved on.
Noreen and Hunter