April 21, 2017

White Dog covered her ears at the words Steve was spitting. He was hopping on one foot, bleeding and was in much pain.

He had come home and discovered that Zsofia, Opal, and Bella, in preparation for Earth Day had spent the afternoon diligently creating mulch from the sticks they recycled from the yard. In fact, Zso and Oh, both on the bed, were still hard at work chewing and shredding. Bella sat nicely and offered Steve a stick so that he could join the fun.

There were bits of wood everywhere--on the bed, covering the floor, on the WDA mattresses--but the three were working so earnestly and with such pride that he reached in his pocket and took out his cell to photograph their industry.

As he was framing the shot and moved closer, he stepped on a splinter of wood which was driven through his sock and into his foot. He quickly set the camera aside and yanked of the sock. The tip of the wood barely stuck out and the wound was bleeding. And it HURT!

End result. Photo Op lost. Splinter removed and foot band aided. Vacuuming and blanket shaking postponed dinner.

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Random Felines said...

At least around here Daiquiri sticks to "recycling" cardboard