April 20, 2017

White Dog wistfully sighed. It was a perfect New Mexico day in the mid-seventies with a soft caressing breeze and cerulean blue sky. "Makes me want to just jump in the car and drive out to the Bosque for a picnic," she said.  "Remember that little bridge/ shade structure we used to always sit at?"

"Come on," I told her and the others who were curious. I grabbed the treat jar along with my sandwich and headed for the office. The White Dog Army looked disappointed. "No, really. come HERE." I turned on the computer and clicked through folders. Finally I found the photos I sought.

I opened another tab and set Enya's Sail Away (one of WD's favorite albums for car rides). I turned up the ceiling fan so there was an actual breeze and opened all the blinds to let in natural light.

The White Dogs were looking at me with puzzled expressions.

I signaled WD to hop up. "Let's share our picnic days with the others," I told her and set the photos to play as a slide show.

Then we handed out cookies, jerky and yes, bits of my leftover meatloaf sandwich.  WD nestled against my chest...just like at a REAL picnics of old.

I promised that VERY soon we would Spring clean the deck and have the picnic to end all picnics out there...with Steve. It was the first thing the WDA announced when Steve returned home from work tonight. 

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Random Felines said...

it IS lovely country out there....