April 5, 2017

White Dog and most of the White Dog Army were tucked into the office with Steve and I. It was comfy in a way some might say was crowded. Nine pups and two humans in 10’x10’ room do not leave much space for a conga line.

Fortunately Zsofia was past her earlier frenzy in the yard when our perimeter was in danger of being breached by a C-A-T pacing back-and-forth at the top of our wall. She was now quietly curled on the mat next to my desk, mellowly hanging out.

I clicked to change directions from the paperwork I was doing to rejoining the world on the Internet but got a message that I had no internet connection. I tried again. Same message. Steve turned at the sound of my frustrated “arrrggghh.” “Having problems?” My IT hero was actually home when the gremlins attacked! “Tells me I have no internet connection but all the devices are on.”

He got up and came across the room to look. Zso was reluctant to move from her comfy position on the mat so he could check the back of my box. “Come on Zsofia you must move; I need to get back there.”

It was quickly clear that the reason Steve had to push our Darkest White Girl out of the way was not a matter of comfort. It was a matter of being discovered.

The quietly relaxing Itty Bitty Baby had not spent her time next to me chilling. She had been practicing her electronics skills by pulling out cords from the back of my hard drive.

Not only did I not have internet service but the VOIP phone was down as well as several peripherals. Steve replugged everything and after a reboot all was well.

Zsofia, no longer interested in following in the footsteps of Dad as a techno-genius, woo’d a wrestling challenge to Sachi and they were off to play.

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Random Felines said...

at least she only unplugged them....