May 10, 2017

White Dog was dressing down some pup in the bedroom and she was spitting mad. It was raining and cold and the entire White Dog Army was testy but whatever happened pushed a little too far from the sound of it. She finished her correction, I heard her turn and start down the hallway. I looked up when I heard her say, "AND I am telling momma!"

Her brothers, Benson, Stormer and Sachi were having sport with timid Nilla, taking turns scaring her at the dog door. One would poke his head out just as she stepped forward to enter and she would skitter back outside. Another waited until Nilla was head and shoulders in the door before jumping forward and nipping at her. The littlest one burst out as she neared the door barking like crazy and zoomed around her, nearly knocking her off her feet.

Now Nilla stood out in the rain, afraid to come in, getting drenched. The boyZ thought it was funny.

White Dog and I hurried to bring Nilla in through the kitchen door and I wrapped her in a towel. We went into the bedroom and sat on the bed so I could dry her and provide comfort. The Three Stooges were still lurking at the door not knowing she was in.

"I am VERY angry at ALL of you!" I announced. Startled, Stormer ran over to cradle my foot and begin to cry. "What the heck is wrong with you? What you were doing is mean!" Benson slunk into the corner. "You all ought to be locked in Time-Out!"

All three know the words "Time Out" and they know it is NOT a good thing. I was quite upset. Nilla at 18 is our oldest and deserves more respect. Plus she never harms anyone and would rather give up her own dinner than complain about being pushed aside. She is our Harmonious Girl.

The boys had the good sense to quietly find spots and positions of contrition as I dried my poor girl and soothed her. I glared periodically in their direction so the did not forget too soon.

For the rest of the day, I pray Nilla has no further need to go outside because I know with all of my heart she won't even try to return inside for fear of taunting.



NanĂ¼k said...

Oh...love an gentle woooos baby:)

Nuk (also shooting glares at the naughty ones)

Regine Karpel said...


Random Felines said...

oh boys....that is mean. we hope you apologize and make sure you don't ever do it again

24 Paws of Love said...

Naughty BOYZ!! Thank goodness WD was there to save the day and get you into Momma's warm embrace.