May 11, 2017

White Dog watched the whole thing from the arm of my chair. It was after White Dog Army dinners and a woman came to the door. The White Dogs rushed to the windows and doors and began a song of welcome.

"Oh look, it is Tina," I said casually to Steve. He went out to the front (and shut the door behind him) to talk to her. When he came back in he grabbed a leash. "Zso! Come on! Let's go outside."

Any other time she would have been wooing and at the door in a heartbeat. But tonight she saw through the carefully laid plan. Steve had to chase her down before she hit the dog door and he dragged her back through the house, crying the entire way, and out of the front door.

Tina is a friend who recently started a very clever business of mobile nail trimming, ear cleaning, and oral hygiene for pets. The things that many don't like to do but are necessary. She was here tonight to help with the White Dog Army's "problem children of hygiene"--Zsofia, YoYoMa, Trixie, and Sachi.

The plan was Steve would bring each out to the front bench to sit and enjoy the after dinner glow as Tina professionally lifted paws, trimmed and ground nails, and removed "woolies."

As she worked on Zso, the others crowded the window to watch, convinced their sister WAS being tortured. Even the guy down the block looked over at the pitiful song being wooed by our Darkest White Dog. Snap, in twenty minutes she was done. Steve brought her in, limping, and she jumped into a chair to sniff and examine her feet. The others crowded to offer sympathy.

And Steve took YoYoMa out. My blind boy hit the brakes just outside the door and Steve had to bend over and direct him using his collar. He was crying and whimpering before Tina even pet him and said "hello." The Watchers, now including Zsofia, scratched at the window and uttered threats to our friend.

Trixie was excited by the leash and the trip out. She did not even mind the attention but she wants to put her face right into the exact spot you are working on and when you move her away, she nips.. She also has black nails. Thank dog for Tina's skill.

Steve brought Trix back inside and I noticed Tina was picking up gear. "You guys are forgetting the most difficult client," and I pointed to Sachi, known as "Terror Teeth" whenever he needs groom type fussing (although he LOVES baths). Sachi had been ferocious through the window at the woman who was making HIS pack cry...now he was in a screaming rage. When he was done, he huffed at Tina and immediately inside the house, marked territory...a line in the sand, if you will.

In less than an hour, four of the WDA had marching feet, ready to go. The others are easy to work with and regularly submit to Steve and I handling the task. It seemed like everybody was satisfied...except Zso who is STILL limping (but only when she sees you are looking).

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Random Felines said...

what a great idea for a business....though it sounds like her customers were "less than" satisfied MOL