May 13, 2017

White Dog followed Steve into the bedroom. The White Dog Army followed her. They all sat and stood as he removed the towels that had been covering the window part of the dog door.

The panel covering, cobbled together by me a decade ago, had faded so that the dog print was unrecognizable. My incredibly talented friend, Ardath, had agreed to use the old rag as a template and make a new covering. It took awhile for me to find the right fabric and when it happened all of the pieces fell into place...the fabric was on close-out...and Ardath happened to have a break in her work for the upcoming craft fair season. In just a week, the new work was done.

AND the bonus was she made a matching pup cushion with leftover fabric!

The WDA was in the bedroom to supervise the curtain hanging and to try out the new lounger. Can you say 44 Paws Up from the group?
Benson says," Roomy and fluffier than the old mat. I like it!"
Sachi enjoyed it so much that he had to be pushed off by WD so the others would have the chance to try it out.


Random Felines said...

Very cute!

meowmeowmans said...

Oh! That is so great. We hope all of the WDA got to give it a try. :)