May 14, 2017

White Dog is fond of saying that our Bella has the BEST resigned look she has ever seen.

Bella Bee for almost two years refused to go out for night-night walks. She would run and hide under the chair and shake if forced. Gradually she has come around not just to being harnessed and taken for walks but to trusting Steve enough to go with him without demanding an immediate return to my side. It has been hard won progress.

But she has rules. She will go on a walk ONLY if she is harnessed in the office sitting next to my chair and I am in it. Steve must have her purple harness in hand and pick her up from next to me while saying the words, "Walk Time, let's get ready." Then with the most resigned look she can muster, they head to the front porch to join the others waiting. Upon return he must immediately unleash her so she can run back to her starting position next to me in the office.

If I am in the living room or some other place, her walk is cancelled because she hides or refuses to be caught and harnessed. The rules are not being followed; it is as Eskie simple as that.

I spent ALL day in the office this Mother's Day working on the Auction deadline so when I FINALLY uploaded the last info, I was more than ready to leave the room and stretch out on the bed, to eat a very late dinner snack and watch some silly television with my family. After, Steve began the nightly walk ritual.

I looked at my Bella. "I just cannot bear to spend another second in the office," I told her. "So if you do not want to join the walkers I understand." Steve decided to try anyway (he is thankfully forever hopeful). Bella was hunkered way in the back of one of the open door crates, lounging and not looking particularly adventurous. "Don't force her," I cautioned.

He didn't even stoop down but stood in the middle of the room and jingled her gear. "How about it B? Want to go for a walk?"

We were both amazed when my tiny dancer scrambled out of the comfy bed and sat at his feet.

Steve lifted her into his arms and sat on the bed to put on the harness. She smiled; there was no resigned look or rolled eyes as I kissed her (Like always) and told her to have a nice walk and hurry home.

Pressing his luck, Steve turned to Opal. "I will buy you a fancy dinner if SHE joins you," I told him. Thank dog for my empty piggy bank, Opal looked at him and headed out of the dog door...a move we took as "No thanks."

White Dog congratulated Bella and then turned to Steve...only two more years until Opal is ready."

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