May 18, 2017

White Dog kissed my tears. "Thank dog for your instincts, momma!" she said.

I awoke early and YoYoMa was on my mind. Steve reported that My Boy was up and about and had eaten breakfast but that he seemed kind of slow. YoYoMa was scheduled to see Dr. Julia Friday morning for a new blood check.

Steve was running late for work and I kept trying to convince myself that everything would be good until tomorrow. But the feeling something was wrong could not be set aside. Although I reassured Steve, he sensed the gravity of my concern and took YoYoMa for a blood draw going into the office late.

When Dr. Julia called me she started the conversation with, "Well I consulted with my go to guys..." I cut her off with a "How bad are we?" On Tuesday when she saw him after the transfusion he was at 30 but today had dropped to 23%. The number SHOULD have been moving upward not sliding down.

We decided, using the advice she had gained, in our planning, to aggressively increase his medication and to test him again on Friday. If there is no progress we will need to address another transfusion.

AND we will need a weekend plan since Dr. Julia's office is not open on weekends.

So now we wait and hope that the medications jump start things. And ask the Universe to help YoYoMa fight his body fighting itself.


Brian said...

We are all sending prayer and power of the paw.

Amber DaWeenie said...

Poor baby....We're sending lots of prayers in Yo's direction and keeping all our paws crossed too.