May 19, 2017

White Dog was in the middle of holding a planning meeting with the menu committee when Sachi entered the office. "Let's go in the other room," she suggested to her team. Sachi, who had settled on the mat next to my desk, felt the need to jump up and nip at WD's flanks.

"Do we HAVE to do this?" she looked up and asked me. I nodded and she sighed.  I heard her send Zsofia in to provide a distraction so he would not follow the rest. Zso did what she does best...she wrestled with her best buddy in a full out grunts and growls wrestlemania that had the two of them floundering around all over the office and hall.

Today is Sachi's Gotcha Day. He came to us in 2014 from California. An amazing woman, now Sachi's godmother, Adrienne, drove all of the way from Albuquerque and back to bring him to us.

His addition has been, as WD puts it, "like Napoleon entering the city gates...like suddenly having a porn movie studio move in next door...like having a devoted loyal Jack Nicholson as a roommate."

Sachi IS all of those things. He is a little macho stud muffin who struts before any lady dogs. He bosses everyone around like HE is in charge. His throat scarring causes him to pant and gurgle when he breathes so that he DOES should like the heavy breathing in THOSE movies. He is devoted to Steve...sometimes compulsively so...and is a fierce protector of our home--verbally to warn off those on the street and by nipping ankles for those brave enough to enter before Sachi is contained in Steve's arms or in the bathtub.

He is a lover and a licker. Everyone in the White Dog Army has experienced the frustration of his hounding them but no one holds any grudges and are gentle in their corrections.

Sachi, "Happiness" in Japanese, is a goofy clown who adds a unique...well...Sachiness to our pack.

White Dog came in and slipped me the menu for tonight's celebration. Chicken Tacos with tomatoes (for Sachi, Zsofia and Opal who love them so much we cannot even grow the plants) and cheese for everyone. Black beans because Sachi likes to play with the beans swatting and chasing them before pouncing and devouring them one-by-one. And of course, cake, butter cake with cream cheese frosting. YoYoMa is working up a special impersonation of the Little Man of the Hour and Zsofia has issued a Wrestling Challenge that I am sure will entertain us all.

The rest are gathering favorite stories and photos to share.  Here are a few of my favorites.
Where we fell in love

Meeting the White Dog Army

Centerfold shot

Like an Angel...when he's sleeping
Best friend
Conversations with Dad


Random Felines said...

Happy Gotcha Day Sachi

Brian said...

Sorry I'm late, Happy Gotcha Day Sachi!