May 2, 2017

White Dog and the White Dog Army got ready the guest space. We were having overnight guests! Our friend, Barbara has been having some issues with pain and over the weekend had been scheduled to make an appointment with a cardiologist.

This morning her pain warranted a trip to the Emergency Room where she has been monitored and tested and medicated with blood thinners and nitro. Seems she has a blockage and must have surgery pretty quickly. She now waits for a room and transport to the Cardio Unit across town where she will be admitted. The situation is not as scary as it sounds...she is awake and functional and still has a sense of humor. She IS starving since food is not an ER emergency procedure. The surgery is pretty commonplace and is often done as an outpatient operation but it is now nightfall so she will be at the hands of schedulers and recovery times.

Meanwhile poor Lulu, Sweetie, and Jeep are at her house, wondering where their mom is. And no doubt worrying about THEIR dinner...and potty break.

Steve is heading to the ER to get Barbara's keys so we can go to her house to bring her pack here. They have never met the WDA in person so we are providing some privacy by setting them up in my studio...dog, knows they will be worried and stressed enough without the need to be social and have good manners. The White Dogs understand and WD remembers the horrible time I was so sick in the hospital. "Let's be sure they have a good meal, and blankets to lay on the bed, and you must give them treats and hold them," she said. "They will be nervous and afraid. When you pick them up bring their mom's pillow so they can smell her scent and cuddle with it."

Trixie has volunteered to help her former packmates make the temporary adjustment. "As long as they understand that their mom is not gone forever they will be brave," she said. "I know they are tough cookies."

All of the Army agrees that a warm safe place, some reassuring cuddles and words, along with a special dinner will go along way. And knowing they are safe and taken care of will help Barbara focus on getting through the next steps of returning to health.

Please send good, positive healing thoughts to this family. And hug all of yours extra tonight.


Random Felines said...

Purrs to Barbara. Bless you for caring for her pack

Barbara said...

And I survived! Three long days in the hospital but a much better heart than I went in with. So happy that I didn't have to worry about the pups while I was in hospital. Jeep got his bravery back when Steve dropped him at the house - he went from good boy to evil barky protecto boy. But they all say thank you, as do I!