May 3, 2017

White Dog long ago gave Nilla "permission" to sleep next to her on the orthopedic mattress in WD's room. Nilla spends many afternoon hours stretched out there and occasionally spends the night lying comfortably next to her sister who is curled up in her little plush sofa.

It has taken Zsofia a while to become as nonplussed with Opal sharing her crate. She still has moments of looking absolutely put out or of just leaving her bed as a form of protest.

EXCEPT Zso has begun leaving space for her sister in the crate. A space Opal-sized and in the corner Opal prefers. Opal backs into place and doesn't even disturb Zso's tail floof.

Opal's penchant for wanting to bring all of the toys to bed with her sometimes causes difficulties and Steve must solve the problem by putting all of the toys into THEIR bed in the toy box. But it seems that Zsofia is coming to the conclusion that maybe having a cuddle buddy isn't SO bad...

...or maybe she has just resigned herself to a life of sainthood as the Giving One...naaah, look at that face!

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Random Felines said...

sometimes it is just easier to surrender than continue the fight :)