May 26, 2017

White Dog watched me stop mid-pet and gently take Trixie by the collar. My moment of affection turned into a body examination as I ran my hand over her sides and stopped at the spots wet from her chewing. I gently rubbed her ears and felt the measle-y bumps. I turned her around and checked her backside.

"Looks like you are heading into a new cycle of your mysterious skin condition," told her...and the Leader of the Pack who was observing. "I had hoped it would be a once in a lifetime thing."

A call to Trixie's vet confirmed my action plan which was to jump her medications back up to where they were when we struggled with this last winter. We had over months stepped down to a maintenance dose. Both the medicated baths and Lime Sulphur rinses are scheduled for this weekend. And we are to dress the determined girl in t-shirts if she insists on chewing herself raw.

Dr. England wants to see her in a week to take stock of where we are then. In the meantime, we are trying to make Miss Trix comfortable, The itching is clearly intense and her response tends to be obsessive.

I have already warned our kick, twist and bolt bather of what to expect first thing Saturday morning. SHE was about to tell me, "No Way!" I think but instead dropped to her side so she could chew at her thigh. "This is why we are doing it," I firmly told her before gently rubbing the area she was mauling.

White Dog stood in front of her. "Do NOT make me sit in the bathroom to supervise you while dad does the shampooing and rinsing!" White Dog is not fond f baths herself. "The sooner we get treatment started, the sooner you will be feeling normal again." Trixie looked at WD and then bent her head to nibble her leg.

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Random Felines said...

Poor Trixie....being itchy is miserable