May 27, 2017

White Dog said, "Momma, you missed the best shot!"

Trixie is not the most cooperative client for Chez Steve Spa and Bathhouse and we stalled her much necessary medicated bath for help ease the itching of her erupting skin condition. But it was time. Steve tried calling her to no avail. When he took hold of her harness she turned to nip. Finally, he clipped on a short lead.

"Let's go, Big Girl, you will thank me when you are done," he told her. "Come on...up!" "Here we go." Picture if you can (since this momma did NOT photograph the moment) the most stubborn image of a mule being pulled by a prospector. Trixie, hind feet dug in and leaning as far back on her haunches as possible to resist Steve's forward motion on the kitchen tile. Hear the sound of her front nails scritching to find a hold and her whines along with Zsofia's song of sympathy as they round the corner into the living room on the way to the bath.

Feel the rug bunching up under Trix's unyielding brakes. Can you see everything, including the nearly full glass of water go flying from my cart as she tries to use the little wheeled catchall to shoulder block Steve's pull?

The last few feet brought the hallway carpet and some dog toys into the bathroom along with Steve then the Big Girl. The door slammed closed.

The water began. There were some scrambling noises and then quiet.

The White Dog Army gathered, but not too close, to watch their sister's re-entry into our living space. She lumbered out, still on the leash, and I covered her with towels in the hopes of drying her dripping furs. Steve took off her harness and collar to wash them. Trixie stood still for about 30 seconds so I could blot her ears and face before she was off to shake everywhere.

Then she glared as she climbed up on the couch. to let the sofa cover soak up her wetness and the window fan fluff her dry.
P.S. Trixie IS scratching much less so we think the increased meds and bath are having a positive effect. White Dog gives more credit to the threat that she will have to wear her coverall body suit for skin protection if her obsessive chewing and paw work continues.

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meowmeowmans said...

That sounds like quite the ordeal, Trixie (and everyone else)!

So happy to hear the bath and meds are helping Trixie be less itchy.