May 29, 2017

White Dog whispered because she did not want her sister to hear. "Poor dad has to take her out for her walk in that getup. I don't know if I feel sorry for him or her." I looked at her. "It is a good thing she has that outfit because she was making her skin raw attacking the itchies. You smile and tell her she looks nice. i don't want her to feel bad."

It may look, from the photo of Miss Trix, like the White Dog Army spent the holiday lounging around in pj's. But it was hardly the case. First, there was planning for Nilla's Gotcha Day!

The dinner menu had to be created and put together. The committee decided our Harmonious Girl with the Most Beautiful Smile would get her favorite...spaghetti alfredo with turkey meatballs and a salad of cut cucumbers, zucchini, and broccoli (Nilla loves her veggies). And for dessert there was blueberry crunch cake with a spoon of ice cream (vanilla, of course)!

We roasted chickens for the week. And supervised the packing up of Auction winnings ro be mailed out. YoYoMa needed more of his special high protein cookies so we cooked amaranth and chopped chicken and stirred in eggs, making sure we made smaller "samples" on the tray for tasting when they came out of the oven.

We snapped and blanched asparagus and poached salmon for lunches during the week. Naturally, every White Dog of every shade received a complimentary bit of the skin afterward and ate asparagus stems as quickly  as I snapped them.

Then we sat down to rest before the celebration. Nilla loved the opportunity to cuddle with Steve on the couch in front of the cooling breezes from the window fan. In fact, she napped after Steve and the Army went back out to the kitchen to put the finishing touches on dinner.

The 16 year old matriarch of our house showed the others afterward that she was still able to jump like Michael Jordan in his youth as she and Steve danced the first dance arranged by the entertainment team before everyone crowded onto the floor to swirl and bump and smile in a joyful remembering of a very special day.
Our older lady begged off of Zsofia's idea for a boys vs girls tug of war match. "Can we save that for a bright early morning when we are all full of energy and not cake?" Nilla asked her sister. Zso agreed but did not understand that the excitement and tasks of the day had made our Sweet Agreeable Girl VERY tired...and she was not the only one.
Happy Gotcha Day, Nilla! You are a blessing and are cherished by your entire family. We are so very glad that you came to live with us.

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Random Felines said...

Happy Gotcha Day Nilla! And we think Trixie's pjs are cute