May 28, 2017

White Dog watched the parade of pups to the dog door and looked at me. "Probably the best investment you and dad ever made," she said. "Remember the time BEFORE we had one?" I challenged her. "You used to make dad get up in the middle of the night to take you out and then you wanted to play." She laughed. "He used to wrap up in his robe and sit on the chair under the tree and fall asleep waiting for me to tire to midnight exploring."

2007 Construction
"And when we put in the patio door in the bedroom and the deck extension to it was not quite done, remember?" "You mean when those repair guys next door stopped to take photos of me walking up the inclined 2x6s to go in because I was too impatient to wait for the construction to be done." "Yep, my heart was in my mouth every time you tight roped up or worse, down. But it WAS impressive!"

These new Army members do not know the half of REAL basic training," she smiled. "If it were not for that door, we would have a hard time with such a large family. I would have to constantly be letting pups in...or out. Everyone has such independence because of it."

"We all appreciate the convenience, even when one or another of us decides to play 'gatekeeper' or block the way."
Oso and Nuka

Our Itty Bitty Zsofia

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