May 6, 2017

White Dog gave Bella a special task when Opal came to the White Dog Army. "Be her special friend, her mentor," WD told her, "You both have much in common and she will be comfortable because you have an understanding of most of what she has been through. Teach her how to be a real White Dog." Bella took the assignment to heart and for the past 18 months as coached and guided her sister.

Bella is my personal time keeper. It is a job she has claimed since her first days. She is the one who hurries me along when I dawdle, who whines me out of bed, who paces if I am messing up her schedule of the way the day should go. She does not do this to Steve, only me.

Today, I saw just how well she has developed Opal's latent skill set.

After a late breakfast, I took some relief for a headache and announced to the White Dogs settled around me. "I am going to just rest my head while the aspirin kicks in," I said. "But I MUST get going and be at my desk to work by 11." Steve went out to fuss in the yard and so did half of the WDA. The rest stayed to rest in the still cool house with me.

The Episcopalian Church around the corner from us chimes the time for our neighborhood--every quarter hour is marked with special music for the hour marks. It is interesting in that most of us DO take note of the bells and at least subliminally use them to keep the time.

The bells were halfway through tolling the eleven o'clock hour when there was a head butt to my legs. I apparently did not respond quickly enough for it was followed by another, this one a bit more insistent.

I sat back upright and looked in Opal's eyes. She danced in a circle then moved toward the door to the office.

"OK. OK! I am going." I told her.

As I stood Bella scampered out from under the chair. "You trained her well," I complimented my Tiny Dancer, who wagged her delight at my compliment.

In the office, White Dog moved to my side. "DON'T say it," I told her but she ignored me. "Do not ask for whom the bell tolls..." she quoted.

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meowmeowmans said...

White Dog is a great mentor, and Bella is obviously a great pupil, who has become masterful in her duties. :)