May 7, 2017

White Dog almost knocked Steve over hurrying him to the door. The rest of the White Dog Army was at the windows and doors singing a joyful song of welcome.

It was the tamale lady and her daughter! AND it was brunch time.

Of course we wanted warm green chicken chile tamales. Our Sunday blessing! The woman smiled shyly and told us that, like last time, her daughter had prepared something special in hope we might like them for our pets. We laughed because there were special tamales, available JUST for our pups...masa wrapped around plain boiled chicken then tied in corn husks and steamed.

We bought them knowing the Army would not be remotely interested.
Steve made salad and we heated up chile sauce...Sunday brunch done right...but of course, AFTER the WDA enjoyed theirs!

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Random Felines said...

That is so wonderful....tamales delivery and they know their audience